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Art Project

Access to Art


To work with community based groups, universities and art galleries, to take Art to those who struggle with access or Anxiety issues. 


We intend to produce an Interactive/immersive Virtual Reality and Augmented Exhibition based on some of Liverpool's most popular visitor attractions.  


1. Help with and support the launch of a Virtual Reality therapy centre for people with ADHD, PTSD and Anxiety.

​2. Source funding to digitally archive Liverpool major Art exhibitions using VR.

​3. Make the archive publicly available with a focus on school and community group who may not frequently access art.

4. Collaborate to scan and digitise unseen museum artifacts

5. Produce Augmented Reality media to showcase archived material

The immersive exhibition will be available for galleries from all around the country as well as Universities and colleges.

We believe this project will highlight Liverpool as a cutting edge leader in the digital arts and virtual reality. There are predictions for massive growth for these industries and technologies and we believe Liverpool is at the forefront of this growth and innovation. This project will showcase the city's talent, ultimately bringing creative industries and jobs to the area.



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