Hyper Local

Hyper local is a network of connected screens positioned around your local area. These screens show free advertising for host businesses as well as local news and traffic information.

How does Hyper Local Work?

We start by building a local and relevant business network of circa 20 businesses. This gives us a network of 20 screens before we commence each roll out. This will ensure there is enough advertising coverage for all the hosts.


Host Site Package


       •     10,000/20 second adverts running across the whole network

       •      32” Commercial grade digital display (larger options available on request

       •      Installation

       •      Software

       •      Repairs

       •      Easy to use advert template, with one free edit.

       •      24-month contract


Host Costs

For £49 per month get you the screen, installation and 10,000/20 second adverts per month, that’s equivalent to 400 advertisements per day or 56 hours each month. These adverts alone would normally cost £133 per month plus the cost of a screen.


“We started running a digital marketing campaign 2 months ago for our baby classes and we saw a huge influx in applications referring to the ad. We’ve now decided to run a second ad for our Easter camp” 

                                          Benchmark Gymnastics

                                                                           Harriet Alcindor (February 2019)

63% of people say digital posters catch their eye

52% of people say digital posters are memorable

47% of those who have seen a digital poster recall it after 30 days

1 in 5 of those who viewed a digital advert made an unplanned purchase

95.5% find digital posters influential over their purchases


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